Top 30 Digital Products to Sell Online 2023 & 2024

E-commerce has been growing rapidly over the past few years. More and more people are shopping online for the convenience, better prices, wider selections, ability to easily compare products, and read reviews before making purchases. This trend is expected to continue in 2023 and 2024 as technology improves and digital products to sell online becomes even more streamlined.

For entrepreneurs and small business owners, this presents a huge opportunity to sell products online and tap into the growing e-commerce market. With the right digital products that solve people’s problems or make their lives easier, one can build a successful online business and passive income stream.

This article will explore the top 40 digital products to sell online in 2023 and 2024 based on market trends and consumer demand. These include software, courses, ebooks, templates, membership sites, coaching services, and more across profitable niches.

Digital Products To Sell Online 2023 & 2024

1. Software as a Service (SaaS)

SaaS or cloud-based software is one of the top-selling digital products today. The subscription-based model provides recurring predictable revenue. Popular types of SaaS products include:

Project management software

Tools like Asana, Trello, Basecamp, etc. that help teams collaborate, manage projects, and track progress.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software

Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, etc. to manage sales pipelines, leads, and customers.

Accounting and invoicing software

QuickBooks Online, FreshBooks, Wave, etc. for managing finances and creating/sending invoices.

Email marketing software

MailChimp, ConvertKit, AWeber, etc. to build email lists, create campaigns, and analyze results.

HR software

BambooHR, Gusto, Zenefits, etc. to handle payroll, onboarding, benefits admin, compliance, etc.

Form builders and survey tools

Typeform, SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, etc. to create forms, surveys, quizzes, and collect data.

2. Online Courses and Membership Sites

Online courses and membership sites are booming. People want to learn new skills and stay updated in fast-changing fields. Membership sites provide ongoing value. Topics that sell well include:

Coding and tech courses

Python, JavaScript, WordPress, apps development, etc.

Business and marketing courses

Dropshipping, social media marketing, SEO, etc.

Design courses

Photoshop, video editing, graphic design, etc.

Personal development courses

Yoga, fitness, mindfulness, health, and nutrition.

Investment and finance courses

Stock trading, cryptocurrency investing, budgeting, etc.

Sites for professionals

Freelancers, consultants, coaches, etc.

Niche hobby sites

Gardening, gaming, pets, etc.

3. Information Products – eBooks and Guides

Informative products that teach a skill or provide knowledge on specific topics continue to sell well online. Topics in demand include:

Different business models and “how to start…” guides

Dropshipping, affiliate marketing, Amazon FBA, consulting, etc.

Money and finance topics

Investing, budgets, getting out of debt, retirement planning.

Health, fitness, and diet guides

Exercise routines, healthy recipes, natural remedies.

Skill development ebooks

Coding, design, writing, speaking skills.

Hobby-specific guides

Woodworking, knitting, arts and crafts, game strategy.

Work/career-related books

Productivity, resume writing, negotiating salary.

4. Planners and Trackers

Creative planners, workbooks, and trackers for goals, habits, budget, fitness, diets, and more allow customers to organize their lives. The best formats include:

Digital downloads

Printable PDF templates, Excel sheets, Google Docs, etc.

Physical planners and journals

Custom notebooks, planners, and journals printed on-demand.

Apps and software

Habit tracking, goal setting, and budgeting apps.

Recurring planners

Monthly or annual planners personalized with customers’ details.

Popular themes include social media planners, wedding planning, travel planning, project trackers, expense trackers, food logs, reading logs, habit trackers, budget spreadsheets, fitness trackers and more.

5. Video Courses

Video learning retains higher engagement as it leverages visuals and audio. Some popular video course ideas include:

Cooking classes

Recipes, techniques, different cuisines.

Dance tutorials

Ballet, hip hop, salsa, Belly dance.

Language lessons

Learn Spanish, French, German, etc.

Music lessons

Instruments, singing, music production.

Arts and crafts

Painting, pottery, crochet, knitting, etc.

Makeup tutorials

For different styles, occasions, age groups.

Fitness programs

Yoga, HIIT, strength training, etc.

Software tutorials

Excel, Photoshop, coding, tools for creators.

6. Stock Media

Stock photos, videos, templates, and assets are sought-after by bloggers, publishers, companies, and creators. Top-selling types include:

High-quality stock photos

Nature, lifestyle, business, abstract images.

Video clips and footage

Timelapse videos, motion backgrounds, animations.

Templates and assets

Logos, icons, fonts, illustrations, mockups.

Audio clips

Royalty-free music, sound effects, ambient scores.

Graphic design elements

Patterns, textures, shapes, graphics for designers.

Social media templates

Posts, ads, banners, stories for Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Merchandise mockups

T-shirt, mug, packaging, signage mockups.

Presentation templates

For PowerPoint, Google Slides, Canva, etc.

7. Printables and Craft Templates

Printables and templates for DIY projects help makers create handmade crafts and products. Top sellers include:

Stickers and labels

For planners, scrapbooks, packaging.

Coloring pages and books

For adults and children.

Papercraft templates

Origami, pop-ups, paper flowers, cards, etc.

Embroidery and sewing patterns

For creating clothes and merch.

Party props and decor

Printable party invitations, banners, wedding signs.

Arts and crafts templates

Stencils for painting and woodwork, DIY craft kits.

8. 3D Printable Files

3D printing makes it easy for buyers to manufacture unique objects, prototypes, toys, and accessories. Top-selling 3D print files include:


Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings.


Superhero, anime, movie characters, etc.


Phone cases, desk accessories, vases, etc.

DIY projects

Lighting, furniture, planters, decor.

Board games

Chess sets, tic tac toe, dice, etc.


Cars, trains, people, houses, etc.

Tools and practical items

Camera mounts, doorstops, bag clips, etc.

9. Digital Downloads for Crafters

Crafters and DIYers need resources for their projects. Digital product ideas include:

SVG files

For Cricut and other vinyl cutting machines.

Knitting and crochet patterns

For sweaters, hats, clothing, and blankets.

Quilting patterns

Jelly rolls, charm packs, etc.

Cross stitch patterns

Modern and vintage designs.

Jewelry making tutorials

Beading, wire wrapping, etc.

Calligraphy fonts and guides

Brush lettering instruction.

Woodworking plans

Furniture, keepsake boxes, home decor.

PDF sewing patterns

For clothes, bags, accessories.

10. Design Resources and Graphics

Designers need fonts, themes, templates, and graphics/mockups for websites, merchandise, social media, and more. Top digital products include:

Website themes and templates

For WordPress, Shopify, Wix, etc.

Logo, business card, and branding templates

For creating professional brand assets.

Graphic design templates and elements

Icons, shapes, backgrounds, graphics.

Merchandise mockup files

T-shirts, mugs, hats, banners, packaging.

Social media templates

Instagram stories, posts, ads, highlight covers.

Fonts and typefaces

Display fonts, script fonts, sans-serif fonts.

Resume / CV templates

For office software, Canva, etc.

11. Lead Magnets and Freebies

These “bribe” customers to sign up for email lists and sample products before purchase. Best types include:

Cheat sheets

Checklists, formulas, manuals, maps.

Resource libraries

Collections of templates, graphics, videos, tools.

Free courses

Mini-courses, primers, “taste” of paid course.

Software trials

Limited-time access to tools and apps.

Workbooks and printables

To engage prospects before main purchase.

Quizzes and assessments

Deliver customized results to capture emails.

Coupons and vouchers

Discounts off future purchases.

12. B2B Services and Tools

Digital products aimed at streamlining business operations and increasing productivity. Top opportunities:

Dashboards and analytics

Sales analytics, marketing analytics, etc.

Business automation software

Data entry automation, form building, workflows.

Payroll and accounting tools

Time tracking, invoicing, expense reporting.

Productivity software and apps

Note taking, documentation, focus apps, team chat.

Management systems

Inventory, supply chain, logistics tools.

Collection and database tools

Contact list builders, lead generators, trackers.

13. Software Plugins and Add-Ons

Extend popular software tools by creating compatible plugins, add-ons, themes, blocks, widgets, and extensions. These integrate seamlessly into existing ecosystems. Ideas include:

WordPress plugins

SEO, security, performance, ecommerce, marketing.

Shopify apps and customization

New features, custom interfaces, themes.

Slack bots and tools

Workflow automations, teammates, analytics.

Chrome extensions

Productivity, communication, security add-ons.

Mobile apps add-ons

Stickers, filters, lenses, text formats.

Adobe add-ons

Actions, brushes, templates, fonts, etc.

14. Niche Subscription Boxes

Curate and mail monthly subscription boxes tailored to a specific niche or audience. Popular themes include:

Craft subscription boxes

DIY kits, supplies, and instructions for makers.

Book/reading subscription boxes

Curated titles and bookish goodies for bookworms.

Geek subscription boxes

Anime collectibles, comics, superhero gear, etc.

Pet subscription boxes

Treats, toys, and accessories for dogs or cats.

Self-care subscription boxes

Wellness products, meditations, journals.

Kids activity boxes

STEM projects, crafts, learning activities.

15. Digital Downloads for Kids

Fun and education children’s products like:

Coloring sheets and books

Animals, nature, cartoons, alphabets etc.

Printable activities

Mazes, word searches, puzzles, connect the dots.


Origami, cut-outs, puppets, masks, 3D models.

Teacher resources

Flashcards, lesson plans, classroom activities.

Educational workbooks and worksheets.

Math, reading, science, social studies.

Virtual learning packs

Interactive stories, videos, games, and quizzes.

16. Website Flipping – Buying and Selling Sites

Research profitable niche sites, develop them further, then sell for a profit. Ideas include:

Amazon affiliate niche sites

Product review and recommendation sites.

Niche ecommerce stores

Leverage print-on-demand or dropshipping.

Local business sites

Sell to business owners in your city or town.

Authority sites

Build an brand and audience around a niche.

Advertising niche sites

Focus on display ads and sponsored posts.

Subscription box niche sites

Review boxes, offer promos and deals.

17. Info Products for Professionals

High-value digital products to sell online for high-income professionals:

Consulting frameworks and tools

For delivering engaging presentations, running meetings, etc.

Productivity systems

Task management, note taking, project systems.

Templates and checklists

Proposals, contracts, onboarding, operations.

Industry research and analysis

Market research, competitive intel, business models.

Specialized masterclasses

High-level strategy, cutting edge techniques, new technologies.

Certification exam prep

CPA, PMP, CFA, BAR, Medical boards.

18. Physical/Print-on-Demand Products

Sell printed products without inventory by leveraging print-on-demand (POD) technology. Examples:

Books and notebooks

Publish your book through IngramSpark, Amazon KDP Print, Barnes & Noble Press, etc.

Calendars and planners

Yearly, monthly, or weekly custom planners.

Printables and stickers

Wall art, notebooks, planners, greeting cards, etc.

Apparel and fabric goods

T-shirts, hats, mugs, bags, pillows, etc. via print-on-demand platforms.

Paperback journals and notebooks

Create custom journals, logs, diaries, and notebooks.

19. Digital Downloads for Bloggers

Blogger tools and resources like:

Blog graphics

Banners, badges, widgets, social graphics.

SEO templates

Optimized about pages, category pages, contact pages.

Editorial calendars

Blog post planners and prompts.

Social media templates

Facebook posts, pins, Instagram stories.

Email newsletters

Lead magnets, templates, and sequences.

Traffic boosting guides

Pinterest, Quora, HARO outreach, etc.

Affiliate marketing resources

Guides, product suggestions, marketing materials.

20. Resume and Cover Letter Templates

Professionally designed resume templates by industry, experience level, and format. For example:

Entry-level resume templates

College students, recent grads, first job.

Experienced professional resume packs

Manager, director, VP, executive.

Modern and creative resume templates

Graphic designers, artists, media pros.

Technical resume templates

Programmers, engineers, IT professionals.

Include matching cover letters, references, portfolio pages. Format for Word, Pages, Canva, Google Docs.

21. Meal Plans and Prep Resources

Digital products helping people eat healthier, save money, and spend less time meal prepping:

Grocery lists and meal plans

Meal planning templates, done-for-you plans, shopping lists.

Recipe bundles

Themed packages, formulas ebook.

Meal prep guides and cookbooks

Systems for prepping a week or month of meals efficiently.

Specialized diet plans

Keto, paleo, vegetarian, clean eating, etc.

Recipe card templates

Printable and digital recipe card templates.

22. Wedding Planning Resources

Newly engaged couples need help planning their big day. Sell them:

Wedding planners and checklists

Planning timelines, todo lists, budgets, guest lists.

Wedding websites

Themes and templates for custom wedding sites.

Invitations and programs

Templates for invites, RSVP cards, programs, menus, signs, etc.

Wedding photo shot lists

Ideas and prompts for photographers.

Wedding day schedules/timelines

Detailed schedules and plans.

Bridal/groom resource bundles

Workbooks, planning tools, vendor contacts, etc.

23. Travel Resources

Digital products to sell online help people plan amazing vacations and trip itineraries:

Travel guides/itineraries

For popular destinations, types of trips, budgets.

Packing checklists and lists

Itemized clothing/gear lists by trip type.

Flight and hotel deal finding course

How to book cheap flights and lodging.

RV living resources

Setup, packing, road trip guides, campsites, etc.

Road trip planners and games

Driving guides, road trip apps/games for kids.

Travel hacking guides

Earning points, travel credit cards, etc.

24. Home and Life Organization Tools

Digital organizers, planners, and systems help people declutter and simplify their lives. Examples:

House cleaning checklists and schedules

Detailed daily, weekly, monthly cleaning plans.

Decluttering plans and resources

Konmari method, minimalism, organizing strategies.

Moving house checklists and planners

Task breakdowns, schedules for an organized move

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