Yelp Remote Jobs: How to find Remote Jobs at Yelp

Yelp is a popular website and app that allows users to search for and review local businesses. Headquartered in San Francisco, Yelp has been around since 2004 and has become one of the go-to places for finding recommendations on restaurants, shops, services and more. In recent years, Yelp has also become known as a great place to find yelp remote jobs. As a tech company operating in the digital space, Yelp has embraced remote and flexible work options. They now hire for many roles that can be done fully remotely from anywhere in the country.

If you’re interested in remote work, a job at Yelp can be a great option. Working for a well-known tech company while having the freedom and flexibility to work from home or anywhere with an internet connection can be life-changing for many professionals.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about finding and landing a remote job at Yelp. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Remote Work at Yelp

Before diving into how to get Yelp remote jobs, let’s look at some of the key benefits Yelp employees enjoy:

Work From Anywhere Flexibility

One of the biggest perks of Yelp remote jobs is the ability to work from anywhere. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can work from home, a coworking space, a café, or even while traveling and living abroad.

Yelp doesn’t require remote employees to live in certain locations or commute to offices. You have the freedom and flexibility to create a work routine that fits your lifestyle.

Generous Salary and Benefits

In addition to flexibility, Yelp offers competitive pay and benefits for remote employees. Salaries are based on skills, experience and job type, not location. Yelp employees enjoy health/dental insurance, 401k matching, parental leave, professional development stipends and more.

Unique Yelp Culture

The Yelp culture gets high marks from employees. Despite being a big tech company, the culture emphasizes inclusivity, creativity and community. Coworker relationships are built through regular online social events and chats. Yelp puts extra effort into helping remote workers feel connected.

Room for Career Growth

Yelp has invested a lot in its remote workforce, meaning there is plenty of room for career advancement as a remote employee. You can progress your career and take on leadership roles without needing to live near or relocate to an office.

Clearly, Yelp offers compelling advantages for remote workers. Now let’s look at the types of remote jobs available and how you can land one.

Yelp Remote Jobs Opening

Yelp has a wide variety of departments and teams, leading to many different types of remote work opportunities. Here are some of the most common remote positions hired for:

  • Software Engineering – Yelp employs remote software engineers across entry-level, mid-level and senior roles. This includes front-end, back-end, full-stack, iOS and Android engineers.
  • Product Management – Remote product managers help guide the strategy and development of Yelp’s consumer apps and business owner products.
  • Data Science – Remote data scientists use Yelp’s rich data to develop predictive analytics, machine learning models and data visualizations to extract insights.
  • Design – Visual designers, UI/UX designers and content designers work across Yelp’s apps, websites, ads and business assets.
  • Customer Support – Yelp hires remote customer support reps to assist consumers and business owners via email, chat and phone support.
  • Sales – Remote account executives and sales development reps focus on acquiring and retaining advertising/sponsorship deals with local businesses.
  • Writing – Yelp employs remote writers to create business profiles, blog content, social media posts, FAQs, help articles and more.
  • Recruiting – Remote talent recruiters help identify, attract and hire candidates for open roles at Yelp.
  • People Operations – HR professionals help with compensation, onboarding, diversity initiatives and more.
  • Business Operations – Coordinate cross-functional projects, conduct market research, analyze data and streamline processes.
  • Marketing – Assist with email marketing, search/display ads, events, social media and partnerships.

Basically, if a job function can be done fully remotely using a computer and internet, chances are Yelp hires for it. The remote work policy opens the door to a diverse range of virtual positions.

How to Find Yelp Remote Jobs Openings

So how can you go about finding open remote roles at Yelp? Here are the top methods to use:

Yelp Careers Page

The best way is to directly search Yelp’s careers page at They have a habit of posting new remote job openings here before anywhere else.

You can enter keywords like “remote” or “virtual” to filter for remote roles. Make sure to also check the location field, as many listings allow a “Remote, USA” or “Remote, Americas” location.

Setting up job alerts on the careers page can help you get notified as soon as new remote openings pop up. Checking regularly will allow you to apply early before positions get flooded.

LinkedIn Jobs Search

Since LinkedIn is the top source of job postings, it’s also worthwhile to search for remote Yelp jobs on LinkedIn. Use relevant keywords and filters to surface potential opportunities.

Follow Yelp’s LinkedIn page and set alerts to get notified of new openings. You can also connect with and follow recruiters who work at Yelp to stay on their radar.

Yelp Remote Work Blog

Yelp has a specific blog called “Yelp Remote Work” highlighting their remote work culture. They often use this blog to post remote job openings when hiring. Add this blog to your reading list to catch any openings they publicize.

Social Media

Occasionally remote job openings get shared on Yelp’s Twitter account or other social channels. Following their accounts can help you find opportunities. Enabling notifications can alert you to any remote hiring tweets or posts.

Yelp Company Pages

Research “Yelp” on popular remote work listing sites like FlexJobs,, We Work Remotely, AngelList, JustRemote and Remotive to uncover posted openings. Sites like these aggregate remote roles from various companies.

Recruiter Outreach

Finding Yelp recruiters on LinkedIn and reaching out to express your interest in remote roles can yield inside info on hard-to-find openings. Recruiters may give you a heads up on upcoming roles or advise you on matching your background.

Job Boards

Cast a wide net by setting up alerts for “Yelp” on big general job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster and Ladders. Remote openings don’t always get shared here first, but it’s worth keeping an eye out.

Professional Networks

Ask around your professional circles and broader networks to see if anyone can connect you with current Yelp employees or recruiters who may provide leads on remote openings.


Yelp recruiters often attend major tech conferences and career fairs to source talent. Research which events Yelp will be participating in as an exhibitor or sponsor. Introduce yourself at their booth and mention your interest in remote work to grab their attention.

By regularly checking and monitoring these sources, you can stay on top of Yelp’s latest remote openings as they become available. The key is persistence, since desired roles can fill up quick.

How to Stand Out and Get Hired for Yelp Remote Jobs

Now that you know how to find open remote positions at Yelp, let’s look at tips for standing out and getting hired:

Optimize Your Resume

Carefully review each job description and tailor your resume to match Yelp’s needs. Highlight relevant hard and soft skills. Emphasize past remote work or self-management experience. Have both a one page and longer version. Yelp gets many applicants, so a highly targeted resume will make you shine.

Highlight Remote Capabilities

In your resume and cover letters, briefly explain how you possess the discipline, communication skills and accountability to exceed performance expectations as a remote employee. Demonstrate you can collaborate and stay motivated remotely.

Show Passion for Yelp’s Mission

Convey genuine passion for Yelp’s mission of connecting people with local businesses. Research how Yelp’s products benefit consumers and business owners. Explain how your skills and values align with Yelp’s culture and market position.

Prepare for Remote Interviews

Remote interviews will play a key role in the hiring process. Make sure you have a quiet, distraction-free environment and stable internet connection. Have both a computer and phone available. Test all video/audio equipment beforehand. Dress professionally and communicate clearly.

Ask Relevant Questions

When interviewing, prepare thoughtful, well-researched questions about Yelp’s remote culture, tools/resources for remote workers, expected communication cadence, opportunities for growth, etc. Show you’ve done your homework.

Showcase Your Skills

When given assignments or skills tests during the hiring process, knock them out of the park. Put in the time and effort to do exceptional work that displays your abilities and motivation to succeed in the role.

Invest in Referrals

Referrals can hugely boost your chances since they come from trusted sources. Ask around your network if anyone can refer you to a Yelp recruiter or hiring manager. Offer to return the favor down the road.

Follow Up Promptly

After applying or interviewing, always send a prompt thank you note to recap your interest in the role. If you don’t hear back from a recruiter, follow up politely via email or LinkedIn. Stay top of mind.

Ace Any Probationary Period

If hired for a remote role, you may face an initial probationary period. Hit the ground running by quickly absorbing everything about the role. Over-communicate and go above-and-beyond to prove you’re a stellar remote fit.

With persistence and savvy job search strategies, you can land an amazing remote job at Yelp. The effort is well worth it for the rewarding long term career potential, compensation, benefits, and unbeatable work from anywhere flexibility.

Common Questions About Remote Work at Yelp

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about pursuing remote work opportunities with Yelp:

Q1. Does Yelp provide equipment for remote workers?

Yes, Yelp ships laptops and any other required technical equipment to remote workers in the US. They may also cover certain remote work expenses like internet and phone service.

Q2. Are all US Yelp jobs available remotely?

Not necessarily. While Yelp offers remote flexibility for many roles, some positions still require being based in/near certain offices like San Francisco or Phoenix. Each job listing will specify if it’s open to US remote workers or not.

Q3. Does Yelp hire remote workers outside the US?

Occasionally Yelp does hire remotely for talent outside the US, but most remote roles are limited to US residents due to legal/tax considerations. International hires typically need to live in countries where Yelp has established entities.

Q4. Do remote workers still need to travel occasionally?

Minimal travel may be required for certain events like offsite conferences or company retreats. However, most remote Yelp workers enjoy very limited travel apart from optional in-person team get-togethers.

Q5. How does Yelp onboard new remote workers?

Yelp has a structured remote onboarding process including virtual training, 1-on-1 mentor pairings, online social events and dedicated onboarding channels/groups to welcome new hires. Additional support is offered as needed.

Q6. Does Yelp allow fully asynchronous remote work?

Work arrangements can vary by team, but most teams have some level of required real-time collaboration. Full-time asynchronous schedules are likely the exception rather than the norm. Expect a blend of sync and async responsibilities.

Yelp’s Remote Work Culture and Values

Let’s now take a deeper look at Yelp’s remote work culture and values to better understand the environment and see if it aligns with your own work style and preferences.

Focus on Results Over Presenteeism

As a pioneer in remote work, Yelp evaluates employees based on productivity and results rather than physical presence in an office. Remote workers are trusted to manage their schedules and get work done effectively.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

Despite being dispersed, Yelp teams are highly collaborative. Coworkers proactively communicate via messaging apps, video calls and shared docs. Knowledge is openly shared across department borders.

Learning Focused

Yelp is committed to employee learning, offering large budgets for conferences, workshops, and online learning. remote workers can easily stay up-to-date on the latest skills and best practices.

Work/Life Balance

Work-life balance is supported through generous vacation policies, mental health benefits and avoiding after-hours “always on” expectations. Burnout is taken seriously. Flexibility to manage personal life is respected.

Employee Resource Groups

Yelp has employee resource groups based on identities, backgrounds and interests to foster connection, community and diversity among remote staff. There are also social clubs to bond over hobbies and activities.

Leadership Opportunities

Remote workers are developed for and regularly promoted into management and leadership positions. Location does not limit opportunities for advancement and career growth at Yelp.

Overall, Yelp receives high marks for remote work culture. They’ve continued improving their virtual programs and resources over nearly two decades of operating as a remote-friendly company.

Pros and Cons of Remote Work at Yelp

Let’s wrap up with an objective overview of the biggest pros and cons of pursuing remote work at Yelp specifically:


  • Total location flexibility. Work from anywhere in the US.
  • Market-competitive pay not tied to geography.
  • Excellent benefits including 18+ weeks parental leave.
  • Remote hiring process convenience.
  • Wide variety of remote roles and career paths.
  • Well-established fully distributed workforce and culture.
  • Encouraging of work/life balance.
  • Opportunities for quick advancement.


  • Can be highly demanding for some roles, like sales.
  • Very limited international remote hiring.
  • Technology focus limits types of positions.
  • Expect a rigorous, multi-stage hiring process.
  • Must be comfortable with mostly synchronous vs. asynchronous work.
  • Rare off-hours work may be required in some cases.

Overall, the positives seem to strongly outweigh the negatives for most professionals seeking quality remote work. Yelp has plenty to offer as a reputable technology leader with ingrained remote DNA.

Starting Your Remote Career at Yelp

Finding a fulfilling remote job at a great company like Yelp can be life changing. You get the combined benefits of a flexible work-from-anywhere lifestyle and a stable career path with ample growth potential.

We hope this guide provided you with all the tips, resources and insights needed to successfully gain remote employment at Yelp. The key next steps are to spruce up your resume, closely track newly posted openings, and put your best foot forward through the hiring process.

With persistence and smart preparation, you can land your dream remote role at one of the top progressive tech companies for distributed workers. Best of luck with your Yelp remote job search and the exciting possibilities it holds for your career!

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