What is Satta ka Matka, DP Boss and Kalyan Matka

Satta matka, also known as matka gambling or satta lottery, is a form of lottery that originated in India in the 1960s. It involves betting on opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange to the Bombay Cotton Exchange. The game has evolved over the years to include different forms of gambling based on random number selections.

Some popular versions of satta matka gambling include Kalyan Matka, Milan Day/Night Matka, Rajdhani Day/Night Matka, Delhi Bazar, Peshawar Satta, Ghaziabad Satta, Faridabad Satta, etc. These games are centered around guessing lucky numbers and placing wagers on them.

Satta matka is considered a form of gambling that is now banned in India. However, it remains popular in underground betting markets due to the high rewards and easy accessibility through matka websites and brokers. Understanding the basics of satta matka can help one explore this unique gambling form.

Satta Matka

How Satta Matka Betting Works

In satta matka gambling, random numbers from 0 to 9 would be pulled out of a pot or matka. To place a bet, one has to guess the number before it is drawn. Bookies provide gamblers a time window to place bets on the numbers. The winning numbers are announced after the window closes.

The basic concept of satta matka betting revolves around guessing the opening and closing rates of random numbers. Let’s understand this better:

  • Opening Rate: The first number drawn from the pot is the opening rate.
  • Closing Rate: The closing rate is the second number drawn right after the opening rate.

To win a satta matka bet, you need to guess the opening and closing rate numbers correctly. Mathematically, the probability of guessing both correctly is 1 out of 100. The more precisely you can predict these numbers, higher are your chances of landing a win.

Types of Bets in Satta Matka

There are different bet types offered in standard matka games. The payouts for these bets differ based on the level of risk involved.

Single Digit Bets

In single digit bets, you need to guess just one number correctly to win a prize. This could be the opening rate or closing rate number. Single bets have the highest payout, as the probability of guessing just one number correctly is 1 out of 10.

Jodi/Pair Bets

To win a jodi bet, you need to accurately guess the pair or jodi of opening and closing rate numbers. Since there are 100 possible jodi combinations from 00 to 99, the odds of landing this bet are 1 in 100. Jodi bets have relatively lower payouts compared to single digit bets.

Patti/Pana Bets

In patti bets, gamblers need to correctly guess the last digit of the opening and closing rates. For instance, if the opening rate is 465 and the closing rate is 792, patti numbers would be 5 and 2. There are 10 possible single digit numbers from 0 to 9, so the probability is 1 in 10. Patti bets offer moderate payouts.

Full Sangam/Half Sangam Bets

Sangam bets involve correctly guessing the last two digits of the opening and closing rates. So if the rates are 465 and 792, sangam would be 65 and 92. There are 100 possible two-digit combinations from 00 to 99. Thus, sangam has moderately high odds and offers lower payouts.

How to Play Satta Matka

Playing satta matka requires getting in touch with a matka agent or broker and placing bets through them. Here are the steps to play:

  1. Find trusted matka brokers – Referrals, matka websites, Telegram groups help find credible matka brokers. Vet brokers before selecting one.
  2. Understand the rules – Matka rules differ across games. Understand how the matka operates, rates offered, timings, etc. before playing.
  3. Place your bets – Contact the matka broker and place bets in cash or online. Specify bet type, amount and numbers.
  4. Await results – Results are declared after betting window closes. Check results to see if you have won based on your bets.
  5. Collect your winnings – Contact broker to collect winning amount if your bets were accurate and you won.

Matka Chart and Matka Number

Matka brokers provide gamblers with matka charts and fix matka numbers in advance to place bets.

  • Matka Charts – These contain past winning bids of numbers for different matka games. Analyzing them helps players understand trends and make predictions.
  • Matka Number – The opening and closing rates generated for betting are the matka numbers. Brokers fix these in advance before betting starts.

Studying matka charts daily and tracking matka numbers can improve winning odds in satta matka.

Tips and Strategies to Win at Satta Matka

Here are some useful tips and strategies to consider when betting on satta matka:

  • Start with small bets – Until you learn the trends and tricks, place smaller bets to avoid losing large sums.
  • Pick numbers carefully – Use matka charts, historical results, and intuitions when picking opening and closing rate numbers.
  • Bet on jodis for better odds – Odds of guessing a jodi accurately are higher than guessing all 3 sangam digits.
  • Avoid betting every day – Be selective about games you play to avoid unnecessary losses on bad days.
  • Manage bankroll smartly – Have a separate gambling account and only use spare money you can afford to lose.
  • Know when to stop – Quit when you are consistently losing for the day or have reached a win limit.
  • Try multiple brokers – Using different brokers lets you compare fixed rates, payouts and win frequently.

Understanding DP Boss Matka and Kalyan Matka

DP Boss Matka

DP Boss is one of the oldest running satta matka games in India, having its origins in the 1960s. Here are some key features that define this traditional betting game:

Playing Days

  • DP Boss Matka runs from Monday to Saturday.
  • No drawings occur on Sundays, which is an off day for DP Boss Matka.

Matka Rates

  • For DP Boss, 5 numbers between 0 to 9 are extracted as the opening rate daily.
  • The closing rate is one single digit number from 0 to 9.
  • Numbers are drawn in the evening around 6 pm on playing days.

Betting Options

  • Popular betting options offered in DP Boss Matka are:
    • Single – Guess any one of the opening or closing rate numbers correctly
    • Jodi – Correctly guess the pair or jodi of opening and closing numbers.
    • Patti – Accurately bet on the last single digit of opening and closing numbers called as patti.
    • Best Jodi – Combinations like 12 (1X2), 48 (4X8) with best odds chosen by broker.
  • Of these, single and patti bets have the maximum winning odds in DP Boss.

Results and Payouts

  • After closing of satta bids, results are declared based on the randomly extracted numbers.
  • If your predicted numbers match the actual numbers, you win the bet. Jackpot for 10 rupees single bet can go as high as Rs.9999 in DP Boss.
  • Patti bets offer enhanced odds of 1/10 and give high returns while jodi is tougher to guess correctly.

Kalyan Matka

Originating in Kalyan near Mumbai, Kalyan Matka is another legacy satta game running since 1962. Let’s see some salient features of Kalyan Matka:

Playing Days

  • Traditionally, Kalyan Matka numbers were drawn and bets placed only on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • However, with online matka, Kalyan bets can now be placed 24×7 throughout the week.

Matka Rates

  • For Kalyan Matka, the opening rate is based on stock market trading figures and has 5 numbers from 01 to 99.
  • The closing rate is a 3 digit number between 000 to 999.

Betting Options

  • Kalyan Matka allows you to bet on jodi, single patti, triple patti, half sangam, and full sangam.
  • Sangam involves correctly guessing the last 2 or 3 digits of opening-closing numbers.
  • Jodi and patti offer the best odds in Kalyan Matka.

Results and Payouts

  • Kalyan closing rates are between 000-999, increasing probability of landing patti bets.
  • Winning payouts can be as high as 900x your betting amount in Kalyan Matka.
  • Results are typically declared around 11:15 pm on Kalyan matka days after bidding ends.

Tips and Strategies to Win at DP Boss and Kalyan Matka

Here are some strategic tips you can apply when betting on DP Boss and Kalyan Matka games:

  • Start with small amounts until you understand the trends.
  • Analyze previous game charts before picking opening-closing number combinations.
  • For DP Boss, bet more on single and patti with maximum odds.
  • In Kalyan Matka, jodi and patti offer best winning chances so focus on these.
  • Manage your bankroll wisely. Set limits and use spare money only for matka.
  • Spread bets across brokers to compare rates and maximize wins.
  • Know when to stop if you consistently lose on a day. Don’t chase losses.

Are Matka Gambling Websites Legal in India?

While matka gambling is banned in India, the Public Gambling Act, 1867 does not explicitly prohibit online matka. Many websites operate from overseas, making it difficult to regulate.

Police rarely register cases against individual players. But unregulated matka websites pose risks of financial fraud. Players are advised to gamble responsibly online and avoid addiction.


To summarize, DP Boss and Kalyan Matka are two of the most popular traditional Indian satta games with attractive winning odds and payouts. Their mechanisms differ slightly in terms of number draws, betting options, and timings. Understanding the nitty-gritties of these games equips you to strategize your bets and maximize wins. However, as with any form of gambling, responsible and controlled participation is advisable.

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