Love Problem Solutions: Top Ways to find Love Problem Solution from Baba Ji and Astrologer

Finding love and maintaining a healthy relationship can be challenging. When problems arise, many people seek advice and guidance from experienced professionals like baba jis (spiritual advisors) and astrologers. These experts provide time-tested love problem solutions based on ancient traditions and astrological insights.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the top ways baba jis and astrologers provide love problem solutions for issues like:

  • Getting your ex back
  • Strengthening your current relationship
  • Overcoming obstacles to finding love
  • Removing negative energy and curses
  • Aligning your stars and destiny for love success

Follow along for the top love problem solutions and relationship advice from respected baba jis and Vedic astrology.

Section 1: Winning Back an Ex Lover

Losing a loved one can be utterly heartbreaking. If you still have strong feelings for an ex, it may seem impossible to get them back. However, experienced baba jis and astrologers provide effective solutions to reunite separated lovers.

Perform Puja and Havan for Reunion

The powerful rituals of puja (prayer) and havan (fire ceremony) create positive energy to draw your ex back into your life. During the ceremonies, the baba ji chants specific mantras and makes offerings into a sacred fire. This creates a strong vibration to align your energy with your ex-lover and clear any negativity in the relationship. Most couples report feeling more connected after participating in reconciliation puja and havan.

Consult Horoscopes for Compatibility

Vedic astrologers can analyze the synastry between you and your ex’s natal charts. Checking for compatibility of your moon signs, Venus signs, and other major aspects provides insight into the dynamics of your connection. The astrologer may suggest auspicious dates for reaching out to your ex or provide astrological remedies to increase passion and harmony in the relationship.

Perform Vashikaran to Attract Ex-Lover

Vashikaran is an ancient Vedic science that uses mantras and yantras to positively influence another person’s mind. When performed by an experienced baba ji, vashikaran can attract your ex-lover and awaken their feelings for you. It helps erase negative memories from the past and restore the loving bond you once shared. However, vashikaran must be done with pure intentions to be effective.

Chant Powerful Mantras for Reunion

Chanting certain mantras creates vibrations that can align you with your desired outcome. Baba jis recommend Lakshmi mantras to open your heart chakra and Kamdev mantras focused on love and attraction. Chant these mantras 108 times per day while visualizing reuniting with your ex. The mystic sounds open channels to draw your lover back into your arms.

Section 2: Relationship Strengthening Solutions

Even the healthiest relationships go through periods of ups and downs. When you and your partner feel disconnected, baba jis and astrologers provide remedial solutions to help reignite the spark and bond you share.

Perform Navagraha Shanti for Harmony

The Navagraha ritual pacifies the nine planetary deities in Vedic astrology. When the planets are imbalanced in your chart, it can cause strife and dissatisfaction in your romantic relationship. By properly propitiating the Navagraha, optimal influence is restored. Your love life benefits through increased understanding, passion, and togetherness.

Consult Gemstone Healing

According to Vedic astrology, flaws in your birth chart can be remedied by wearing certain gemstones. After a detailed reading of your chart, the astrologer may prescribe wearing a powerful gem like the Ruby for Sun, Emerald for Mercury, or Diamond for Venus. Wearing the correct gemstone can strengthen communication, attraction, respect, and intimacy in your relationship.

Perform Rudraksha Therapy

Rudraksha are divine beads with immense healing potential. Baba jis prescribe wearing Rudraksha malas on the body to cure flaws in the birth chart affecting your love life. For relationship harmony, potent Rudraksha like the Ganesha, Kamdev, or Sphatic varieties are worn. Wearing the beads in malas or bracelets creates a positive aura that attracts a nourishing relationship.

Apply Spiritual Oils for Bonding

Special aromatic oils blessed and energized by baba jis have remarkable spiritual powers. Applying oils likePure Love Oil or Divine Blessing Oil on the body before intercourse can deepen intimacy and passion between couples. The oils open heart chakras, align energy, and foster unconditional love. Using them regularly improves relationship satisfaction.

Section 3: Finding Love Problem Solutions

For those seeking a loving partner, specialized services from baba jis and astrologers can help manifest the relationship you desire.

Kundali Matching for Compatibility

Vedic astrology offers kundali matching, an in-depth comparison of natal charts. The astrologer looks for compatibility of moon signs, dispositions of planets, and presence of doshas. This helps determine if a couple’s energy is aligned for a fruitful partnership. Kundali matching ensures you begin relationships with prospects who are primed for compatibility.

Perform Swayamvara Parvathi Prayers

The Swayamvara Parvathi mantras are potent prayers asking divine intervention for marriage. By chanting these mantras daily, you invoke the blessings of Mother Parvathi to manifest your ideal spouse. Performed correctly for the prescribed duration, these love prayers create karmic fruition letting you draw your soulmate near.

Consult Lord Kuber for Wealthy Spouse

For those desiring a wealthy and prosperous marriage partner, the baba ji may recommend propitiating Lord Kuber through prayers. As the treasurer of heaven, Lord Kuber removes obstacles to finding a rich spouse. The baba ji provides rituals honoring Kuber involving puja, offerings, mantras and meditation. By Lord Kuber’s grace, you’ll attract an abundant partner.

Wear Powerful Love Talismans

Mystical love talismans are tools to draw relationship blessings into your aura. The baba ji prepares talismans made of copper, silver or gold engraved with sigils, numerology and mantras. Wearing or carrying the empowered talisman creates a positive energy field that manifests your soulmate. Different talismans attract marriage, harmonious relationships, or sensual partners as desired.

Section 4: Removing Negativity and Curses

Sometimes love problems arise due to dark energies, envious curses or ancestral karma affecting relationships. Experienced baba jis perform specific rituals to remove these malefic influences.

Perform Shrap Removal for Curse Clearing

A shrap or curse can be inflicted by enemies or result from ancestral karma. These curses may block you finding love, cause separation or create distrust. The baba ji can perform a detailed shrap removal puja to clear these relationship obstructions. Removing the curse brings light and positivity back to your love life.

Do Pitra Dosh Nivaran for Ancestral Healing

Pitra dosh occurs when ancestors are displeased and interfere with your destiny. Using the natal chart, the astrologer determines if pitra doshin the 5th house is causing your love problems. They provide rituals likepind daan,rudra abhishek and offerings to mitigate this dosha. Rectifying pitra dosh removes obstacles caused by unhappy ancestors.

Perform Evil Eye Removal for Protection

The evil eye is a potent glare carrying ill-will towards your prosperity. When cursed through an evil eye, one suffers loss of fortunes and luck. An experienced baba ji can diagnose if your love life is affected by the evil eye using lemon, chillies or rice. They perform removal rituals like jal sthapana, coconut destruction and fire offerings for complete protection.

Do Vastu Shanti for Home

Imbalanced spatial energies in your home can negatively impact relationships and manifest strife. The Vastu Shanti puja by a baba ji establishes harmonious home energies through fire offerings, vibrational chants and mystic diagrams. A balanced home strengthens love and keeps out negativity. Specific vastu remedies suggested during the rituals further optimize the home energies.

Section 5: Astrology-Based Love Problem Solutions

Since Vedic astrology offers deep insights into an individual’s karmic patterns and destiny, baba jis and astrologers can provide highly customized and accurate love problem solutions based on your chart.

Remedial Gemstones for Venus

An afflicted Venus in the natal chart creates disturbances in love. Wearing top-quality diamond, white sapphire or white topaz strengthens Venus. Wearing the Venus stone blessed in a puja lifts planetary flaws causing heartbreak, rejection and separation. By empowering Venus through gemology, you gain fortune in romantic matters.

Chant Powerful Venus Mantras

The astrologer provides Venusian love mantras tailored to your problems based on chart readings. Potent Beej mantras for Venus include Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Anugrahaya Namah. Chanting the Venus mantra108 times daily makes Venus radiant in your chart – enhancing beauty, art, romance and relationships. Chanting aligns you with ideal partners and blesses love.

Perform Yagyas to Balance Planets

Yagyas are fire ceremonies where offerings are made into a sacred fire with chanting to balance weak planets, strengthen relationships and remove karma. Yagyas recommended for love troubles include Venus Yagya for marriage and relationships and Rahu-Ketu Yagya for clearing obstacles. The cleansing fire ritual aligns you with destiny.

Apply Customized Lal Kitab Remedies

The Lal Kitab provides unique astrological remedies to resolve problems without gems or mantras. Remedies are prescribed based on your chart and include rituals with items like milk, jaggery, flowers, copper coins, etc. The remedies empower weak planets giving results like marriage, stability and mutual understanding between partners.


In this guide, we explored the top love problem solutions provided by experienced baba jis and Vedic astrologers. Whether wanting to reunite with an ex, strengthen your marriage or find your soulmate – these experts offer time-tested rituals, prayers, gemstones and readings. By seeking their guidance, your love life transforms through the blessing of divine cosmic energies. With powerful remedies to counter any problem, love and companionship await you.

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